Hobart's provider of your taxi service has now changed its name to

131008 Hobart

To our customers:

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If you are confused by the recent approaches from other taxi companies spreading rumours of our impending demise, or been advised that the taxi telephone number 131008 has been cancelled, then we advise you that those statements are untrue.

Our number 131008 is alive and well and we, Australian Dispatch Company Pty Ltd, trading as 131008 Hobart are the preferred supplier of local taxi services in the greater Hobart area and for all areas mapped within the 62 telephone district. 131008 is a national telephone number that will put you in contact with a local taxi company in almost every town and city right across Australia.

Our Company is locally owned by taxi operators working within the industry and we are still the largest taxi group in Hobart offering the widest range of transport vehicles. Our fleet comprises over 100 vehicles of which 6 are executive Statesman and Fairlane vehicles, 10 are wheelchair accessible vehicles and maxi taxis, 6 are station wagons with the remaining vehicles being sedans including 12 hybrid Toyota Prius or Camry vehicles.

We can assure you that 131008 will continue to be able to answer your calls and provide you with a reliable service 24 hours a day 7 days a week well into the future.

We do not oppose any of our competitors' rights to legally advertise their business but they have no ethical or moral right nor any capacity at law to make misleading and untrue statements in relation to our business in an attempt to further their agenda.

A reduction in our fleet size will come into effect from 1am Monday the 1st of October as a result of our largest fleet operator leaving to pursue his own enterprise. We do expect to be able to replace some of the lost vehicles with new subscribers in the near future.

We ask that if you are a current user of our 131008 taxi services that you continue to call 131008 for the reliable 24/7 service that 131008 has provided you in the past and that you have become accustomed to.